1. You clean out not only the bathroom trash, but the can itself.

2. The last thought before you fall asleep is about the cobwebs on the ceiling.

3. You wage a daily mental war with the grease stains surrounding your cooker fan in your tiny kitchen.

4. The urge to repaint every room becomes stronger than your urge to eat every last source of chocolate in the house.

5. You want to bake cookies at 11 o’clock at night… every night.

6. Transplanting dozens of tomato seedlings makes you refer to them as “your babies.”

7. A comfortable position in bed includes all the pillows and three-quarters of the duvet.

8. Pajamas are your preferred clothing option for 99% of the day.

9. You want to write lists for everything – baby names, nursery items, the visiting schedule for relatives.

10. You ask Bumpus what he or she would like for breakfast and seriously contemplate whether you sense an answer.

And 11. (Because ten is too few.) You forget you moved half the household items in an organizing frenzy and your husband can’t find anything anymore.

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