Photo courtesy of Avery Shea.

I’m Anne. Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m an attack helicopter pilot turned writer and I love the arts, particularly writing, drawing, and photography. My focus is on nonfiction writing at the moment, but I also enjoy graphic novels/graphic memoirs, fantasy, autobiography, and cookbooks.

The purpose of this blog is to share snapshots of my life, writing about subjects that bounce through my head when I find the time. My writing tends to expose dark places and vulnerable moments. I often swear. I lean into the hard stuff. Writing of this kind is challenging, but rewarding. My time on active duty as a Marine and pilot taught me life is too short to gloss over the truth.

I am looking for an agent and/or a publisher for my writing, specifically with interest in nonfiction narrative memoir with a military flavor. UK and US ties are desired.

I’m also a full-time child wrangler, dog-walker, average weekend gardener, crazy cat lady, amateur chef, and nature enthusiast. Enjoy the journey.